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Last year for our wedding anniversary, my husband came home with a huge case – resembling one of those ominous bomb cases you see in movies. I felt like Gru and Dr. Evil all at once as he popped open the case to reveal a DJI Global Phantom 2 Drone with a GoPro camera attached.

DGI Global Phantom 2 Quadcopter

“WE HAVE A DRONE!” I exclaimed and immediately told all my geeks what an awesome gift I had received for our anniversary. [Posting to all known social platforms; Stat]

After a few days of touting my awesome aerial photos of our neighborhood, I realized that I was WAY more excited than most folks about my new toy.

Most people immediately respond with “why did you get that?” or “what are you going to do with it?”  Some were almost accusatory as if I had an immediate intent to spy on them through their bedroom windows. My “drone-high” was killed after one friend responded that if I flew “that thing” over his house, he’d shoot it down.

You see, the term “drone” sets off a fire in the eyes of the patriotic. I can’t exactly be sure which patriotism they’ll agree on but those who hear the word “drone” and immediately feel deprived of their rights are a growing bunch.  Is it media crazy? People crazy? Why would a camera on a flying device be perceived as a sinister threat? Helicopters have flown the skies for years with cameras, tracking tools, etc., without the same reaction. It could be the attribution of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) to the US Drone strikes overseas. Sure… I get it. BUT, ummmm.. I’ve got a 2ft x 2ft flying device that can’t hold much more than it’s own GoPro camera. AND IT’S ME! Married Mom of 2, with house and job and all that responsibility and track record of semi-sanity. Why did my posts elicit such a strong response from my friends and followers?

In order to find the truth, I did a little test [completely unscientific]:

1. I posted pictures from the drone of aerial views of my neighborhood where no specific people could be seen in the photos. I didn’t comment that these were ‘drone pics’ and just shared the beautiful view.

2. I posted pictures from the drone of aerial views of an area in upstate NY, again, where no specific people could be seen in the photos. I posted with a comment “new pics from my quadcopter”.

3. I posted pictures from the drone of aerial views of a non-inhabited area of the North shore of Long Island. No houses or people could be seen in the photos. I posted with a comment “new pics from my drone”.

Each posting garnered a different reaction from my friends and followers [responses came in person and online]:

  •  Post 1: [Pics w/ no name attached] Most folks thought it was cool, they were excited and asked me how I got the pictures.
  •  Post 2: [Pics w/ quadcopter called out] Most folks thought it was cool. Most also asked how they could get one too (i.e. the quadcopter)
  •  Post 3: [Pics w/ drone called out] Questions of why, what, who and threats to shoot it down ensued.

Each posting had similar pictures of beautiful landscapes but I used different words to describe them causing an interesting reaction from that weirdly patriotic group [NOTE: I’m not poking fun at the patriotic, just those that tie patriotism to unnecessary things like toys called drones] that think I have interest in spying on them.

I haven’t made up my mind yet.  Should I continue to call it a “drone” to laugh at the reaction or should I do what DJI Global did and remove the word from my vocabulary (notice their site is almost devoid of the term “drone” and they use terms like “high performance aerial camera systems”)?

Well, while I decide, I figured I’d post this confession today and share with you a few of the pics I’ve taken so far.

Confession: I have a drone, and I like it… and here are some pics to enjoy! (I swear, I have no interest in peeking into your windows.)


Starting it up…

Check out those cherry blossoms

Check out those cherry blossoms!

drone1 drone2 drone3 drone4 drone5 drone6